Did you check out our new book, the Five Books (or Five Megillot)?

3-in-1 Books

1. Days of Awe

Synagogue Services: Days of Awe One book covers all synagogue services for the High Holidays--Rosh Hashanah, Kol Nidrei and Yom Kippur Day--approximately 1,000 pages.
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2. Weekdays, Festivals and Shabbat 

Synagogue Services: Weekdays, Festivals, Shabbat A second book covers all synagogue services for weekdays, festivals and Shabbat, approximately 620 pages.

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3. Easy to Use

Both books are fully transliterated, egalitarian and inclusive, with a fresh translation, Hebrew arranged in convenient phrases, instructions and notes.

4. Order Them For ...

... Yourself
You can get one copy for your own devotions or as a unique gift for someone celebrating an important occasion. Your copy will be hand-crafted, a unique artisanal artifact.
... Your prayer community
Order 50 or more copies: you'll enjoy a hardback book with a color cover of your choice, to carry the stamp and image of your community.
... Your congregation
For 400 copies, we can upgrade to a sewn hardback on lighter paper, for a thinner and lighter book.
Book Copies Binding Unit Price
High Holidays 400+ sewn hardback $54
50+ hardback $54
1 hand-crafted $540
Weekdays, Festivals and Shabbat 400+ sewn hardback $36
50+ hardback $36
1 hand-crafted $360

All numbers are estimates and may change.