Did you check out our new book, the Five Books (or Five Megillot)?

The Five Books

The five "megillot" (scrolls) of the Jewish year, fully transliterated and annotated, with a fresh translation into contemporary English.

Each year our prayer communities read five short books of Jewish scripture: Kohelet or Ecclesiastes; Ester or the Book of Esther; Shir HaShirim or the Song of Songs; Rut or the Book of Ruth; and Eicha or Lamentations.

The poetic Hebrew can be difficult to follow, especially when an expert chants the book. So we have set the Hebrew in convenient phrases with a line-by-line English translation and full transliteration. Extensive footnotes explain difficulties in the text or translation.

Perfect for study or for congregational use, this book includes all five of the short texts of the Jewish liturgical year: Kohelet for the Shabbat of Sukkot, Ester for Purim, Shir HaShirim for the Shabbat of Pesach, Rut for Shavu'ot, and Eicha for the Ninth of Av.

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We hope this book makes the beauty and meaning of Jewish tradition to every Jewish person.