Did you check out our new book, the Five Books (or Five Megillot)?

Now Available:
The Festival Machzor

Our new machzor for festival services includes the complete cycle of services, from the afternoon before a festival begins until the evening service after a festival ends. It's available now in hardback, 425 pages, for $34.95 plus $5 shipping (domestic). This book is for festival holy days and intermediate days, not for Shabbat or other weekdays.

Like all of our books, this machzor is transliterated, egalitarian and non-sexist. All the prayers are fully transliterated; we honor the Four Mothers wherever we honor the Forefathers. And we avoid assuming that God is either male or female.

In our new work, we use better fonts; we clarify how and when the congregation should respond, stand, sit, or bow; we distinguish Tanach quotations from other parts of prayer; and all of this is in a key at the bottom of every page.

As with our previous books, we transliterate and translate all the Hebrew side-by-side on the same page. When Hebrew and English are on facing pages, you can tell who's not reading the Hebrew. I know you wouldn't look and risk embarrassing your neighbor, but our books spare you the temptation and them the embarrassment.

To get a preview of the entire book, click the picture above.

Now you can welcome everyone to follow and participate in the complete cycle of festival services. All the traditional prayers are included for everyone to follow. This includes special poems for Pesach (Berach Dodi) and Sukkot (Akdamut Milin, Hoshanot), fully translated and transliterated.

The occasional visitor with rusty Hebrew will appreciate the transliteration, while shul regulars will appreciate a fresh presentation of the familiar text, with contemporary English translation and commentary.

All our books include all the features that make Jewish tradition easy to follow, easy to learn, and easy to join in.