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Yom Kippur Day

Transliterated, egalitarian machzor for the daytime services of Yom Kippur, with inclusive English and helpful instructions and notes. Newly revised. Only $35.95 ... or save with our discount programs.

On the day of Yom Kippur, we spend hours in shul, but the services are unfamiliar. Like a helpful mentor, this book explains each step in the service, with its poetry and passion. Full transliteration helps you read the unfamiliar Hebrew for this day's prayers. A new translation in modern English helps understand the Hebrew. The Hebrew is set in short, logical phrases. The acrostic poems are clearly marked so you can enjoy their poetic structure. And the entire book honors the ancestors, mothers as well as fathers, who gave birth to the Jewish people.

With this book, our rich heritage welcomes the newcomer as never before, while offering fresh insights to the seasoned shul-goer. It's also an excellent resource for teachers and study groups, and for personal study to prepare for the holiest day of the Jewish calendar.

Now you can welcome everyone to join in the daytime Yom Kippur services: