Did you check out our new book, the Five Books (or Five Megillot)?

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Bring Your Seder to Life!

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One book, with seven ways to make your seder more inclusive and enjoyable:

1. Practical advice on preparing for Pesach
2. Instructions to guide you every step of the way
3. Notes on all the difficult bits
4. Singable English
5. Non-sexist and egalitarian
6. Complete, traditional Hebrew text in easy-to-read phrases
7. Line-by-line transliteration

Anyone can enjoy the Seder more with the Join-In, Participate, Sing-Along Hagadah. A complete guide to Pesach questions includes advice on how to clean the house, recipes, and more. The Seder text is set in legible Hebrew, with parallel English transliteration and a clear translation in modern English or Singlish™ -- that means you can sing the English to the same tune as the Hebrew. For the Four Questions, Dayenu, Bircat Hamazon, your guests can sing along in English as well as in Hebrew, so everyone can join in.

This Hagadah is complete, not abridged in any way, so everyone can enjoy the full Seder experience.