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Have It Your Way!

Can't find the right siddur for your chavurah or congregation? Let us make you just what you need with a custom siddur.

Tired of waiting for "imotenu" to show up? You can choose to include them. Tired of waiting for non-sexist language in the translations? Now it's your choice. Tired of wading through Bircot Hashachar and Pesukei Dezimrah that nobody ever reads? Trim them to meet your needs.

Or add as much as you want . . . Now it's all your choice!

And with our exclusive format -- Hebrew, transliteration, clear English and Singlish™ translations, and explanations -- everyone will feel welcome in your service and will be able to join in.

Tell us what you're interested in, what you like/don't like about current books, and let us help you figure out what it would take to produce the book that will really help you and your congregants daven with kavanah.

Questions about a custom siddur

What are the steps involved in creating a custom siddur?

You can start with one of our books and tell us what changes you would like, or you can send us a different book and tell us what needs to change. From this we develop a table of contents and/or a draft of the book for your review.

What is the average turnaround time?

Each project is different, but there are four factors to consider:

What is the cost per unit and is there a set-up fee?

The cost per unit can vary depending on the work involved. However, as a guideline, typical costs range from about $25 to $50 per copy in quantities of 200 or more.

What custom input can we give (i.e. artwork, commentary, readings, etc.)?

There are few practical limits. We can send you samples of our work, including custom material. Please note:

Is there a minimum order?

For a custom siddur, the practical minimum is usually about 200 copies (in order to spread the development cost over a reasonable number of books), but you can order fewer copies if you wish. You can have just one, if that's what you need.