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Three columns side by side for easy participation!

three columns, side by side

Some Popular Titles

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The Join-In, Participate, Sing-Along Hagadah 1. Practical advice on preparing for Pesach
2. Instructions to guide you every step of the way
3. Notes on all the difficult bits
4. Singable English
5. Non-sexist and egalitarian
6. Complete, traditional Hebrew text in easy-to-read phrases
7. Line-by-line transliteration
Blessings for Our Food: Bircat Hamazon, songs, and other blessings for food When we eat, it's natural to show our gratitude--and it's never been easier to give thanks in the traditional words of prayer. This book includes kiddush for Shabbat and festivals with complete instructions for what to do at home, from washing the hands to blessing the children; Grace after Meals, with a full Singlish translation so that everyone can join in; selected songs, including zemirot and chasidic nigunim that everyone can enjoy; and our exclusive three-column format, with contemporary English translation side-by-side with the complete Hebrew text and transliteration.
Five Short Books of the Bible

Each year our prayer communities read five short books of Jewish scripture: Kohelet or Ecclesiastes; Ester or the Book of Esther; Shir HaShirim or the Song of Songs; Rut or the Book of Ruth; and Eicha or Lamentations. The poetic Hebrew can be difficult to follow, especially when an expert chants the book. So we have set the Hebrew in convenient phrases with a line-by-line English translation and full transliteration. Extensive footnotes explain difficulties in the text or translation. 

Healing Shattered Hearts: afternoon and evening services for the house of mourning Transliterated, egalitarian siddur for daily afternoon and evening services in the Jewish house of mourning, with inclusive English and helpful instructions and notes.
Synagogue Services: Weekdays, Festivals, Shabbat With community prayer services for weekdays, Shabbat and
festivals, book includes the complete cycle of services, morning, afternoon and evening. This book has all the features that make our books easy to use. Prayers are fully transliterated; we honor the Four

Mothers wherever we honor the Forefathers. And we avoid assigning gender to God. What's more, we show how and when the congregation should respond, stand, sit, or bow; and we distinguish Tanach quotations from other parts of prayer. From weekday Tachanun to festival poems such as Berach Dodi and Akdamut Milin, all the difficult parts are fully translated and transliterated.
Synagogue Services: Days of Awe With community prayer services for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, this hardbound book includes the complete cycle of services, morning, afternoon and evening. All prayers are transliterated and translated.
A custom book for your simcha, with Grace After Meals and more Imagine Bircat Hamazon (Grace After Meals), family photos, the spirit of the occasion in your own words, and more -- anything you choose can be in your Simcha Songster. Your guests will love it, because even those for whom the ceremony is unfamiliar will be able to follow along and join in with our exclusive format -- Hebrew, transliteration, and translation into modern English and Singlish. Create a treasured keepsake of the occasion.